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Shadow Hearts: Covenant is a direct sequel to Shadow Hearts, continuing its story and featuring the same main protagonist as well as a few recurrent characters.Like the previous game, it is set in a concrete historical epoch with heavy supernatural additions.In April of 1915, France, Italy, England, and Russia all sign the treaty of London and on May 23 1915, Italy declares war officially on the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Within the first hour of the game, you learn the demon is Yuri, the main character from SH1, you learn the game is going off the BAD ending, which I won’t ruin for you as some of you got Shadow Hearts 1 when you preordered this game.Even before the treaty, they were not on the same page. Yuri loses all of his powers and is cursed by a great magic, you learn who the real bad guys are in this game, and your team is formed.Shadow Hearts showed gamers that you could still be visually stunning, but also have original gameplay in the Judgment ring, a carefully plotted story, and characters that weren’t two-dimensional stereotypes. It didn’t take itself seriously or as hollier than thou as the games put out by the company Sacnoth left. Had some of Square-Enix’s mantra of, “If it’s pretty, they will buy it” seep into Sacnoth? However if we go by the game and its incorrect dating, it is January 1916 and right when President Woodrow Wilson launched his whistlestop campaign to support the war, starting in NYC and ending in Saint Louis in February of 1916. She returns to Germany and brings a new unit along with Cardinal Nicolai Conrad who will try and exorcise the demon.And for some reason, Sacnoth decided to make a sequel. After all, like the first two Sacnoth games, Shadow Hearts wrapped up perfectly without any real loose ends. Nicolai has come from the Vatican in Italy to aid the Germans against France. GERMANY AND ITALY WERE ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE WAR!Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected]/Guides are posted in their original, unaltered form.

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German had forced Italy to be their ally in the Central Powers. Shadow Hearts 2 introduces you to a lot of new faces, but also some familiar ones as well.