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Rain allegedly causes it to sneeze due to the short upturned nasal flesh around its nostrils.People from the area report that it sits with its head directed downwards, hiding its face between its knees when it rains.

“In total, we found 20 gun shells and probably, six to seven felled agarwood trees.

and the People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF).

The specific name strykeri is given in honour of philanthropist Jon Stryker, president and founder of the Arcus Foundation, which also sponsored the project.

The type specimen was identified from the Maw River area of northeastern Kachin state in northeastern Burma.

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The specimen most closely examined was the skull (with mandible) and skin of a gutted adult male obtained from hunters in Pade, subsequently deposited in the Anthropological Institute and Museum of the University of Zürich.Indeed, 19% of those with broadband at home have checked out web cam images, compared to 13% of those who have dial-up at home.