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16-Dec-2017 05:33

We are best known for our first site, Date.com, which was launched in 1997.

But these days we have more than 20 niche and general brands. In 1992, while still in university, I started a telephone dating service that became very successful.

We are a private company with no outside investment from VCs.

The lack of investors gives us the ability to make decisions and act on them quickly.

Skiers have escaped serious injury after being hit by a 'hugely violent' avalanche at a French ski resort popular with British holidaymakers today.

A 'mass of snow and ice' hit the Carline piste in the Val Claret area of Tignes, in the Savoie department, amid fears 'numerous people' had been covered on the slopes.

It survives, too, in recent correspondence — anguished e-mails between Woodfield and the sister of the boy he could not save, two strangers who forged a friendship across continents and found a way to help each other heal.

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Clattenburg, at age 14, is shown at left in the Inquirer article.Up to 30 skiers were feared to have been buried in snow after a 'hugely violent' avalanche struck in a French ski resort popular with British holidaymakers today.